7 Exercises which will help you to improve Memory, Concentration

Exercises are important in our everyday life to keep ourselves active physically. But, they will also help you keep mentally active. Let us find out 7 of them.

Scientists have found that there is a direct association between cardiovascular health and brain. Yes, you can achieve the best cardiovascular health with the help of cardio exercises. It means that they will help you strengthen your brain as well. When your brain is strong enough, you can stay focused and your concentration will take you to new heights for sure. When talking about exercises to improve concentration and memory, not just physical, but also mental exercises will help. Our motivational speaker Mr Mukesh Maheshwari, suggests the following exercises to improve your focus, concentration and memory:

  1. Play ball with friends and family:

When you play ball throwing and catching, your concentration and will hand-eye coordination will improve. Rather than playing the same catch game, you can play different games like badminton, tennis, basketball every day. When you play catch, use your weaker hand. It will help with increasing the use of neurons. In turn, it will improve your brain power and it will bring long-term benefits for positive brain function and memory.

  1. Hike or walk on uneven ground:

Experts are of the opinion that walking or hiking on an uneven surface will help the vestibular system. This, in turn, will help your brain to cope and remember things with ease by getting through the obstacles.

  1. Memorize and recall things:

We stop memorizing things after our school life. But, do you know that memorizing things and recalling them is an excellent exercise. Yes, it can be a prayer, your favourite film song or even the phone numbers of your family members. Just memorize anything of your interest and recall to improve memory and concentration. If you are planning to do engineering in Australia, you can memorize the names of top colleges.

  1. Meditation:

You might feel meditation is something that is hard to achieve. But, meditation is an excellent exercise to calm your mind. It will, in turn, help with improving your focus and concentration. You can learn to meditate from good sources online. Even, you can take help from a guru.

  1. Learn Yoga:

You might be aware that in addition to improving your physical fitness, yoga is a traditional technique that will play a major role in improving your mind power and concentration. When you learn yoga from a well-trained guru and practice it regularly, yoga will bring great wonders in your life including an excellent improvement in your concentration and memory.

  1. Play memory card game:

Yes, this is an excellent exercise for your brain. Just spread the pack of 52 cards upside down. Open one after the other. Remember the last opened cards. When you rightly match two cards of the same colour, you gain a point. When you continuously play this game, your memory will improve.

  1. Breathing exercises:

You need not have to go for heavy yoga or meditation; you can just do simple breathing exercises every day. It will help you get better oxygen and blood supply to your brain, thereby improving your focus, concentration and memory.

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