What Call Intelligence Can Tell You About Your Customers

Call intelligence is a technique to extract the analytics and useful information from any inbound calls. But it is important to know what all details you can get and what you should get from those calls.

In this post, we will be looking for what call intelligence call tell you about your customers, the call made by them. But the question is why you need them?

Here are some of the important reasons why you need those details-

  • You will be getting to know what kind of customers are interested in your product and services
  • Uncover insights about where the calling is from and understand which geographic locations are more beneficial for you.
  • What kind of features customers are majorly focusing on
  • What kind of after sales support they are looking for and various others

Here are some of the important KPIs a call intelligence software can tell about your customers-

#1 What customers are looking for

Understanding the demand from the market is the first step for any successful product and once developed, enhancing it is a continuous process based on the users’ input.

From the call tracking and analytics tool, you will be able to get what kind of support, customization, and features they are looking for. And based on that, you can make some enhancement to your product which will help you grow, reduce support work, and minimize the manual customization needed in the market.

#2 Location Details

Usually, marketing plans are spread across various locations and geography, but all may or may not be much useful for you. And so, again with the help of call intelligence software, you can analyze from where you are getting maximum leads and calls and further make some aggressive marketing plans for those areas. This way, you will be able to save both effort and budget of your marketing campaigns which will give you enough effort to make some other plans for other locations.

#3 Source of the calls

Again, business promotes their business through a different medium and later it becomes difficult to understand which medium is producing the maximum calls. These call analytics software clearly identifies what is the source of the call, duration of the call, important points discussed during the call and various other factors needed to get the details of the call.

#4 Follow Ups Details

You will find many callers saying they don’t have plans but later down the time few days they may be interested in. And so, you call analytics tool should be able to tack all those meetings and follow-ups as well. By this way, you won’t have to worry about when to make calls and whom to make. The tracking platforms will do this work for you.

#5 Productivity

Call tracking and analytics platform almost remove the manual intervention till the time call is being handled by any calling agent. This increase the productivity and the time needed for a particular caller. Based on the feedback received, you can educate the frontline team so that their productivity can be increased.

Apart from these, there are multiple metrics those you may be looking for like survey details, important note, what departments are getting maximum called and much others.

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