How to Check Who a Garmin Device Is Registered to?

Garmin being a leading manufacturer of varied navigation devices as well as fitness gadgets, holds a huge consumer base across the world. The company is known for providing high-end GPS navigation devices that come with great features. One can easily find locations and get to their destinations with Garmin’s best-in-class navigation units.

Moreover, in case you have found a lost Garmin product, you may be attempting to find the owner of it. One of the best and simplest ways to find the owner is knowing about the person the product is registered to. In case the owner has registered the product, you can know the details about owner’s name, address, and telephone number from Garmin.

And all of this information can be obtained based on the serial number of the products. But if the owner didn’t complete the registration of the product with Garmin, then it is not possible to find out the owner of the device through Garmin. Follow the below mentioned steps to track down the owner of the lost Garmin device using its registration details.

Steps to find out the registered person of a Garmin Device

Step 1

First of all, you need to look for the eight- or nine-digit serial number on your Garmin product. In case you are not sure where is this number is located, browse the Garmin’s how to find serial number webpage for the instructions on how you can locate the number on a particular Garmin device.

Step 2

Call Garmin customer service to get assistance for finding the owner of the lost device.

Step 3

As soon as you connect with the Garmin support service representative, provide him the serial number of the lost product. Based on that information, the representative will try to find out the person the Garmin device is registered to, but the representative will not be able to help you. What the representative will do is he will contact the owner of the device to inform about it. If the company succeeds in contacting the owner of the device, they’ll send you a shipping label to ship the product to the owner. Then, they will ship to product to the owner. Due to privacy reasons the Garmin, representative will not provide you with registration information.

If you have any trouble with your Garmin and unable to fix up the issues, you can take the help of skilled tech professionals to get rid of your issues at once. It requires you to contact the tech professionals who are available through Garmin tech support phone number and resolve your issues. You can get rid of all your issues at the fingertips by contacting the professionals who provide immediate assistance to resolve the issues. It takes no time to find the solutions to your problems.

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