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Web Hosting:- A business which aims to provide storage, services and moreover, connectivity, which are required for a website for the purpose of serving files.

A Web Host is, thus, a company providing all sorts of web hosting services. The plans or packages offered by these web hosting companies are called ‘web hosting plans’.

KnownHost is one such company which provides web hosting services and managed VPS with a high-performance Linux operating system.

The Company

KnownHost, based in Birmingham, Alabama, United States of America. It has a customer base from about 150 countries around the world. KnownHost is a popularly recognized host company which has data centers on US East Coast, US West Coast, Central (Texas) and also in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

KnownHost offers VPS and Dedicated Hosting services. The company also offers application hosting packages. Managed hosting packages include SSD VPS, Cloud VPS, Reseller, WordPress Hosting, Shared Cloud Hosting, and more. The company has been around for many years and has seen rapid growth.

Networks of the Company

KnownHost is a company with multiple networks all across the globe. It operates in four different data centers and is connected to multiple Ten Gigabit Backbones to the Internet. The company, thus, guarantees optimal and balanced connections across the globe, all this by making proper utilization of higher quality bandwidth providers.

Why KnownHost is the Most Preferred Host Company

  • Experience: –KnownHost has been in the web hosting industry for the past 15 years.  It is surely a company with tons of experience which knows all about how hosting actually works and functions. It is a company which can satisfy its customers with its expertise on quickly getting the customers started
  • Reliable: – The company is assuredly a reliable one. The backups with OpenVZ are completed always with zero downtime. With the best uptime in the global hosting industry, KnownHost is THE dependable choice. The site of all the company’s servers is located in Texas, Maryland, Washington and lastly in Amsterdam. 
  • Price: – KnownHostoffers absolutely aggressive and affordable pricing. All the managed hosting plans and packages offered by the company are affordable and customers get the benefit of receiving the best services – making them a great value.
  • Efficient: – The hosting company utilizes the most efficient solutions available in the web hosting Industry. This, thus, makes it the most ideal of hosting platforms out there.  Compared to any basic servers, the company makes use of servers based on OpenStack and OpenVZ. The servers based on these, thus, provide maximum performance – much more than a mere control panel.
  • Quality: – The hardware used by the company is chosen quite carefully. Customers are allotted in an organized manner based on the package type they choose. All hardware’s used are graded and standard. All the hardware used by the company is based on the Dual Hex-Core Xeons by using the RAID 10 storage arrays which has much more resources to provide better performance to the servers.

Hosting Plans provided by the Company

  • Managed VPS: – The company offers two different types of Managed VPS hosting services; Regular SSD, which is hardware based and the Kernel Virtual Machine, which is cloud-based SSD. The company offers 5 hardware-based plans for its managed VPS hosting and furthermore, it offers 3 cloud plans.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting:– The company’s dedicated servers are all situated in its Texas data center.  There are four plans available for it.  The lowest plan is built on the Intel i7 processor. Except for the former, all other plans are built on the Xeon processor. A setup fee ranging between $49 – $129 is required for dedicated hosting plans only.
  • Shared Hosting: – KnownHostoffers several types of shared hosting.
    • Shared Cloud
    • Reseller Cloud
    • Word Press Hosting
    • Application Hosting (400+ apps to choose)

The only difference between Shared and the Reseller is that Reseller gives each domain in your account its own cPanel login.  With Shared hosting, all domains are managed under a single cPanel login.

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