Grow Your Business with Social Media Marketing Bots

A business can benefit massively from the enhanced social media presence.  But it calls for a lot of time and effort for accomplishing this which may not be available in the short term.

But in the fast-paced world of today, how can you survive the rat race if you do not strategize a well-thought out and meticulous attack plan?

Here in comes the requirement of automated accounts or bots. The automated accounts do not need a human for creating new posts and they schedule them manually for publishing.

In fact, they can even fool the humans with the apparent real language that the bots use. This is especially effective in case of social media platforms as they are known for short attention spans taking in thousands of Instagram captions or quirky Tweets every day.

This is not an unknown fact to the business owners that successful social media campaigns enable them to create a solid brand awareness and attract organic traffic at almost no cost. Though it may sound to be almost unbelievable, but with the bots your business can climb up the social media fame ladder in your sleep.

This is simply because the bots can be programmed in a way that enables them to create their own social media posts, post them automatically at given intervals all-through the day and even repost, follow and engage with the fellow users.

Conversation is becoming the next big thing in brand-consumer communication. In fact, research reveals that 80 percent of the businesses want to adopt this strategy in the next couple of years.

Here are some of the ways you can use the Social Media Marketing Bots. Take a look.

  • Transform Social Media Marketing through Engagement – The chatbots are now regarded as potent tools for transforming the core of social media marketing by changing the meaning of engagement. As opposed to the erstwhile concepts of online advertising where engagement implied playing a video or going for ad click, engaging with the bot is actually having a real conversation with the human sounding bot.
  • Use Chatbots to Gather Data – A chatbot is capable of collecting key demographic data like age, gender, location, product or content preferences and much more. These data are essential for assessing what products are appealing to a certain demographic and discovering what consumers really prefer within a given location, measuring the effectiveness of campaign and much more. While there are several networks like Facebook that offer some data on user demographics and preferences, it can at times be out of date. For example, someone who liked a particular kind of band during their high school may not like the specific band after 10 years. With chatbots, this problem is nullified.
  • Use Bots to Personalise the Customer Engagement – Brands inexorably strive to figure out the ways for attracting users in a personalised way through programmed display ads or direct mail. With the help of chatbots you can personalise every conversation in the maximum way without violating their privacy or being intrusive. The chatbot does this by asking harmless personal questions like your dream destination or your favourite music style. Then on the basis of the answers it will suggest tips, tutorials and suggestions to benefit the users and keep them interested.
  • Push the Content Via Chatbot – Chatbots offer great distribution platform and provide customers with contents based on the preferences of the user. These can include targeted offers that provide real value to the customers or offer referrals to contents on your blog. Though the contents that are pushed to the feed reach everyone who follow the page, you should use the chatbots for providing a more personalised approach. You should also tie this with making the purchases within the bot and you will be able to achieve a sales funnel that does not require the consumers to leave the app.
  • Show Your Story with the Bot – The chatbots come with a personality of their own. For example, the Miss Piggy bot from Disney is sassy, fun and feisty. The brands have been enhancing these marketing bots with distinct flavours to bring to life their own personality and harness the power of social media by opting for integration with the bots.

The chatbots are hence here to stay and they have become an integral part of the social media marketing strategies.  They are revolutionising the concept of marketing by showcasing your brand to the world in a profound yet friendly manner.

Author Bio – Derek Alam is a digital marketing professional who has been part of several

Reputed social media consulting services over the years. Apart from being an accomplished, Certified and experienced digital marketing expert, he is also a prolific blogger, who has Written extensively on various topics including the social media platforms and the digital media domain. His relentless endeavour is to help out the readers with the authentic and reliable information so that their businesses can benefit the most from what the internet has to offer.

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