How Essential Is Weekend During Mobile Apps Marketing?

The mobile has become competitive, if you don’t compete then you will be lost in the sea of other mobile apps which is getting bigger every day.  To keep your rank stable in the mobile world, you need good mobile marketing strategy. But even if you know the mobile marketing tactics, you would need to know when to apply it and what time or day will be most effective to customers. In this article, we will look deeper into these questions i.e. who to advertise to? Where to advertise? When to advertise? After knowing answers to these you will know when the people are active with their phones and when you can take advantage of and advertise your product.

You think people have that sinister little piece of shiny plastic (mobiles) in their hands all the time so anytime can be appropriate for your mobile app marketing services. Right? Wrong! According to a recent report, weekends are the days when people are most active. The report further confirms Daily Active Users are at its lowest on Monday and highest on Saturday.

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Appsflyer report further tells the State of App Marketing recommends mobile app marketing to market their apps during the weekend as the installing activity rates during Saturday and Sunday increases 25% for the iOS and 6% for Android devices. In short, weekends are the best time to strike promotions or launch new apps.

Now the question comes, what audience you should be targeting?

The audience mobile app marketers should target are ones that make in-game purchases, as reports confirm that there are more chances of those people making purchases in the next game too. And more the number of games played so does the spending rise.

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Then arises the next question, what’s the best device?

As discussed last three days of the week are the best days to market your mobile application, but another factor is the type of device your app will be installed in. We can’t ask you to focus on smartphone or tablets or both. There are certain metrics on which you have to decide which device suits your application marketing more. People act unlikely while using smartphones and tablets because phones can be used on the go, while tablets usage need a relaxing posture. According to the following chart, users play more on phone and on tablets they play longer.

All these facts combined for you, we have given you the answers you were looking for a perfect mobile app marketing. Now you know, where to advertise? When to advertise and who to advertise?


We guess it’s safe to conclude that the weekend is the best time for marketing your new app or old apps promotion. The weekend gives people a clear head and relax mind to make decisions like purchasing games and other things, so get your mobile app marketing strategy ready and strike on weekends so you get the best outcome of your mobile app marketing.

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