How to prepare your eCommerce and retail apps for iPhone X?

In the launch of Apple’s apogee Mobile phone – iPhone X, last year, the CEO of the company, Tim Cook had called the device “the future of smartphones”. And rightly so, even a man traveling from future who has seen the myriad of features Apple has carefully woven into iPhone X would have said the same. The device was and is still futuristic. That being said, the exhaustive list of features put into iPhone X can each transform into a singular feature that disrupts one or another industry.

Let us take into account the E-commerce industry, the features incorporated into iPhone X can transform the way people shop online. In a scenario such as this, how can the mobile app developers prepare their app development projects to inculcate the futuristic attributes that Apple has to offer to the world?

And this is not the first time that Apple has set out to commerce and retail industry of the world. With the release of iPhone first generation, Apple had proved its mettle with a breakthrough in retail so much so that, now Smartphone has become the center of E-commerce. And now once again, Apple has given the world a plethora of futuristic paraphernalia and once again, it is ready to bring the best to the world.

Here are ways in which Apple will revolutionize eCommerce outlook.

  1. Apple watch is free

By free, we mean that Apple has made apple watch a standalone device. And unlike other iPhones, iPhone X isn’t required to be connected to Apple watch at times for making purchases through the watch. Now the Watch is free and can be operated on its own. This will change the retail sector in a way when someone needs to purchase something on the go, like while sitting in an Uber, they can very well do that without any sort of dependency on a primary device.

This also means that the retail sector can stretch itself to apps like Uber and other on-demand cab services. It’s a win-win for all. And by “ALL”, we mean the customer, the retail industry, the on-demand industry, and the mobile app developers.

Opportunity for Mobile App developers:

The developers working for mobile app development companies, catering to various sectors of society will get a chance to enhance the capabilities of their mobile apps based on the available technology. In the eCommerce industry, the retail apps can be built with features such as linking between on-demand transportation and e-retail apps. Or the apps developed for wearable technology can have on-demand transportation apps which are extended to e-retail.

  1. Payments through Apple pay

Apple has long planned for Apple pay to become an indispensable method of payments across the world. And with iPhone X and the level of features, it has presented the world with, a whole new world of opportunities has set in to make our lives easier.

As soon as the trend of sending and receiving money through phones will catch on among the general public, it will tend to increase the online and in-store commerce around the globe.

Opportunity for Mobile App developers:

With the payment option embedded in the mobile itself, mobile app developers do not have to worry about building the feature in retail application Since payments made through mobile phone will more secure an user doesn’t have to enter their bank account details at multiple platforms.

  1. Richer shopping experience with better NFC and QR

Who would have thought that scanning QR codes will once again become a mainstream thing? No one but Apple, because Apple decides and not thinks. The only difference between scanning QR codes before iPhone X and after iPhone X is that before iPhone X, the user would have required to download dedicated mobile app for scanning QR codes. But with the introduction of the amazing Augmented Reality (AR) technology built into iPhone X’s camera has made it possible for people to scan QR codes through the camera itself.

What else is new is that iPhone X comes with a way better NFC (Near field communication) tags. NFC already works seamlessly with Apple pay but consider the endless possibilities brands and stores will have with better NFC technology. They can use NFC for additional promotional and product opportunities. For instance, if a customer scans something at the checkout counter, NFC could help in informing them about upcoming discount sales or offers and encourage them to download your store’s mobile application for everyone’s benefit. They can still show from your store while no longer being there and you get enhanced sales.

Opportunity for Mobile App developers:

With the release of iPhone X, there comes an opportunity for all the mobile app developers to dip their toes in the technology of Augmented reality. They can use what Apple has given them into numerous kinds of applications.

  1. The highly needed technology – Indoor Mapping

With the release of iOS 7, Apple had brought in the quantum leap of iBeacons and facilitated every retail store with the advantage of push notifications. Now, with the release of iPhone X, Apple is putting the same iBeacon technology into another advancement – Indoor/Onfloor mapping.
We have all often suffered trying to find a particular store in a map with the help of the floor maps placed at every story and more often than not, we struggle with it.

Now with this new technology in our hands, we can literally be directed towards the product we want to find an AR can be used to point arrows towards the shelves. And encourage shoppers to buy-in.

Opportunity for Mobile App developers:

iOS mobile app developers will get a chance experiment with a combination of newfound technologies. With the launch of Apple’s indoor maps in malls and airports, developers will get to revitalize the retail applications with the said technology.

Moreover, Apple has already released an application that lets business owners create an indoor map of their own stores using iPhone X.

  1. Perks of the screen size

iPhone X has once again raised the stakes of mobile screen size. At 5.8 inches of screen, which is even bigger than iPhone 7 Plus, with a new OLED Super Retina Display and a greater resolution and colour accuracy. Keeping in mind that much of E-commerce relies on the customer’s satisfaction with what they see. Therefore, giving the shoppers, the highest amount of details becomes a priority for all online retail stores. iPhone X helps in bridging this gap

Opportunity for Mobile App developers:

In terms of UI/UX, designers and developers will get the opportunity of showcasing high-quality images and provide the user with a much better user experience than ever before. WIth Twenty percent more vertical screen space and a sharper screen quality for videos and photos, there is a lot of room to play around with designs.

  1. Talking about Augmented reality

AR technology or Augmented Reality is not anymore a technology seen in sci-fi movies. For those, who can’t recollect what this does – This technology adds virtual characters or characteristics in the real environment around us.

The odds of the invention with AR are endless. And in iPhone X, bot, the front, and back cameras are optimized for AR, with “True Depth” depth sensing and gyroscopes and accelerometers for motion tracking.
These kind of additions have made the iPhone X camera a critical source of user input now. Instead of physically buying something online and then returning it because it doesn’t look good, the user can now use their iPhone X’s camera to visually see their purchases before buying them.

Opportunity for Mobile App developers:

Developers are already on their way to creating apps like Sephora Virtual Artist and Dressing Room by Gap to let Shoppers virtually try on clothes and make-up, or even use AR to virtually place furniture and Artwork in their own homes to see how it looks before buying.

  1. Improved features for Influencer marketing

While Apple has provided all the said features of iPhone X keeping in mind the ease of the user, it has also touched upon the better possibility of Influencer marketing. With the improvements in the Camera features such as true depth portrait mode, portrait lighting, adding focus in selfies by blurring the background, etc. can provide enhancements for apps with facial recognition features like Snapchat and Instagram.
Better Camera takes better photos, which makes the basic fuel of the creator economy. These changes should make influencer marketing even more central to e-commerce.

Opportunity for Mobile App developers:

Mobile app developers can explore the areas where they can bring all of these technologies together for their clients. Influencer marketing will open many gates of opportunities for brands who have the AR features enabled applications.

  1. A better app store for brands and retail stores.

Apple has upped the game with the discoverability of brands and apps through a brand new App store. It has provided the new app makers with new subtitles and promotional text fields. All the marketers can use these as an opportunity to make their brands’ mobile applications more findable in searches and be of a bigger influence on potential customers and persuade them to download the mobile apps. Besides this, there is also a new feature added which allows developers and brands to add a 30-second video in addition with app screenshots to let the users know better how their app works. Moreover, the app ratings will be a lifetime average taken, rather than based only on the latest version.

Opportunity for Mobile App developers:

Mobile app developers can work on the better visibility of their apps through multiple ways.

  1. Securer payments with Face ID

iPhone X replaced fingerprint unlock and touch ID with a much more secure mode of payment – Face ID. According to Philip Schiller, Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing,

“Face ID ensures there is only a “one in a million” chance that a stranger could unlock your phone.” Facial recognition is way more efficient a method than a fingerprint and users can effectively log in and pay using their phones.

Opportunity for Mobile App developers:

Developers can start looking out for opportunities to integrate more and more mobile applications with facial recognition features for payments and sign in for a much safer payment option.

In conclusion, there is a bigger picture attached with all the new features Apple has flooded all the world with. Each one of these features can be integrated with applications, especially eCommerce and retail apps to make them more secure and more user-friendly. There is a lot of play room and opportunities given to mobile app developers for newer innovations. And we hope to see these technically upgraded apps in the near future soon.

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