Why You Need to Opt for Data Recovery

Be it a personal or a business data, just a thought of data loss can send chills down the spine.With the extensive penetration of smart devices (smart phone, PDAs, Notepads) in our society; almost everything is stored as a digital data, even your biometrics. Whether you need to go grocery shopping or do banking, you can do it through your smart device while sipping coffee at home. Every time you go online, your identity is vetted based on the data stored by the online vendors. Imagine yourself doing an urgent online banking transaction and a pop up reads “Unauthorized access!” and why so? – Data corruption at bank. As our day to day life is influenced by digital data, it is really important to take requisite measures for secure data storage and data recovery.

Data Recovery is the process of retrieving data in the event of inaccessibility of data from storage devices like Hard Disk Drives, SSD Servers and even from your Android or iPhone.

Immediately initiate a data recovery process, once you figure out a data loss. Let us understand the data recovery methods based on the different types of data loss.

File gets deleted/ corrupted

There are instances when files get deleted accidentally. As the file remains on the system even after deletion, until it is overwritten, there is a good chance of recovery with the help of file recovery software. File recovery software with programmed complex algorithms may help in file recoveries.

Faulty/ Corrupt Hard Disk Drives (HDD) can cause file corruption. You can try attaching the HDD to another computer and may find that your data is intact and only operating system got corrupted, and you can copy the files to another HDD. A corrupted partition table may also lead to file corruption and will require software to repair the table.

Files overwritten

It often happens around; saving a file with existing file name and the older file is overwritten with the new file data. Do not fret. You may recover your old data with the help of a range of software available online for almost each and every OS. However, refrain from saving anything further on your hard drive till the data recovery. Retrieving an overwritten data on SSD has more success rate than HDD, for different ways of data storage. 

Physical Damage

So far we have discussed a data recovery of logical data. However, as you know, data loss may happen due to physical damage as well. Remember those spy movies where a computer geek tries to retrieve data out of a badly damaged HDD recovered, during a covert operation to save the world!

Physical damage of storage devices may occur due to human errors or natural disasters. HDD with failed motor/ head crash, brokenmagnetic tapes, scratched CD ROMS etc. In spite of a physical damage, the professional experts can help you recover data. For instance, a damaged HDD can be repaired by replacing its parts or,a disk imaging software can transfer HDD contents to another storage device and, your data is recovered.

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