Omni channel Retailing: Changing the face of online businesses

In today’s world, the customer holds all the power, monopoly doesn’t exist anymore and with a nearly endless amount of competition, it is hard for even retailers not to work on customer interests anymore. Omni channel retailing or the multi-channel retailing is a new way forward. With a seamless level of integration between a physical brick and mortar store and an online store, with an endless customer support and customer experience enhancement experience; many retailers have fully adapted to it and now are working on it to make it even better with the usage of big data and consumer metrics and analytics to get accurate feedback, which helps them streamline delivery methods and enhance customer experience. Omni channel customer solutions like same day delivery, 24/7 customer support, order tracking has played an instrumental part is luring more customers and widening the customer base even in parts of the world where a physical store may be slightly inaccessible, where an online store and catalog can play an integral part in such a scenario.

Giant retailers are now fully integrating entire catalogs and inventories to their online databases and setting up well -connected contact centers in order to make their online stores thrive. Many retailers have taken this methodology up, some of the top Omni channel retailers are:

  • Adidas: The German sportswear giant has launched its online stores in India to booming reception. With an introduction of the endless aisle and an in-store experience where you can have the products delivered to your doorstep. Adidas is pioneering Omni channelling with an introduction of its new youth brand Adidas Neo through its online store first and its introduction of niche wear for sports like cycling, trekking and, mountaineering etc.
  • Apple: The California based electronic giants are one of the most successful retailers who has mastered Omni channel retailing. Their online stores have all the more added to their already impressive retail chain. Their innovative pre-order system is one of the first ones and it regularly sees a huge traffic whenever Apple announces a new product.
  • Carrefour: The Belgian retail giant, was one of the first to introduce the system of ordering in-store via tablets and mobile systems and having it delivered to your doorstep or collecting it from the counter, without the hassle of having to go and pick out items.
  • Dominos: The pizza makers are a force in Omni channel retailing with a huge online presence. Pizza order was and still is done by phone calls but the online order system is gaining traction, with a variety of options such as toppings, dough, add-ons etc. It is safe to say online order is here to stay.

Most Omni channel retailers have now shifted full focus on customers and after sales, service is working tirelessly to provide the best possible experience and making sure that they keep coming back. And with more and more retailers coming into the foray and introduction of newer technologies like virtual reality it is only a matter of time before omni channel retail becomes even more immersive.

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