Optimizing Marketing Using Various Types of Videos

Optimising marketing using various types of videos helps you to attract new customer to your business. As per the survey, videos get more engagement than textual content. Statistics shows that putting videos on the landing pages helps in increases the leads for the business. Video marketing will become the most powerful tool for any marketing campaign. Creating video for your business to generate leads helps you to get more leads.  You are wondering that video will help you in SEO. Yes, search engine crawler do not think that how video is helping your website or marketing campaign. If you are doing a good video optimisation, it will target the right audience.

Here are various type of videos for your marketing

  1. Live videos

Live videos is the latest trend these days people are doing live stream on their daily basis. For live videos, you just need a smart device and a good high-speed network that is it. You can start a live video anywhere, anytime. Facebook always try new things and update themselves with new feature. You can take benefit of the live video by using latest feature. You can announce the new product or services on live streaming. You can give product demonstration on the live stream, Q&A is the most popular one you can give answer of the entire peoples question.

  1. Snapchat video

Many people neglect that the snapchat video but snapchat video has a potential it has around 100 million active user every day.

Difference between the video and the snapchat video is the snaps are not a long videos and small clips. You can give instruction on your snaps.

  1. Twitter videos

Back in the day in twitter people share the link of the videos if you want to see the video you will be redirect to another site. Now twitter allow watching videos without leaving the videos.

  1. Instagram videos

Instagram videos also gives you various feature like live streaming and you can upload a video up to 60 second. In 60 seconds you have to convey your message to your audience. It also gives you features like video and images filter. Instagram is also famous for the filter.

  1. Video infographic

Video infographic is a great a way to increase the brand awareness of your product and company. Video should be at least 30 second, long 60 second after that viewer get bored, and it will eventually quit the video. This video is mostly viewed on the Pinterest.for more knowledge join digital marketing course in Delhi

  1. Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos also helps you to engage the customer and convince them to buy your product. Giving tutorial on specific product will be beneficial to satisfy the potential customer as well an existing customer.

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