Planning to buy a New smartphone? Ask these 5 questions to yourself

When one is required to buy a new smartphone for regular usage, multiple choices available in the market make it complicated for him/her to select a device. Some people prefer to surf the properties of a smartphone online and then buy the device. It is always a difficult situation when one wants to have a power pack device that can satisfy his requirement perfectly. There are friends and relatives as well as online sources from which one usually knows the features and reviews of some devices and try to take a decision on the basis of such reviews. Well, take out a few minutes from your busy schedule and ask the below mentioned 5 questions to yourself before going for a smartphone.

1) Is the OS suitable for your requirement?

Nobody is personally looking forward to using some OS for showcasing it, well that doesn’t mean one is not biased towards using some or another particular OS. For instance, latest OS in the Android smartphones is Android 7.0 (Nougat), but still, people like to go for Android 5 (Lollipop) why? At times it happens that there are some bugs and other tweaks in the OS don’t please the user. In prior versions of these OS, some OS might be easy and handy to use. It is to be noted that it doesn’t mean all the latest OS are buggy. With the update in any OS, the company makes sure that the performance of the device is enhanced. An OS, basically, is the base on which calling, messaging, GPS, the internet, music player, camera and several other features are working. Smartphones have become a necessity for routine life. Due to its increased usage in routine life, the selection of OS has become an important factor. The functions of a device depend on OS only, and hence, a device with upgraded OS is believed as a better option in general.

2) What features are extremely important for you?

First of all, observe carefully how you use your smartphone. Do you use it specifically for calling? Texting? E-mailing? Is there any application that you use majority times a day? As mentioned earlier, some applications and features are supported on a particular OS. While buying a mobile phone, keep your usage in mind. There are some smartphones that provide inbuilt features, which differ in every smartphone though they work on the same OS.

Commonly used features which are not based on any application are:

  • Camera
  • Customization
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Display size
  • Battery Capacity
  • Input method
  • Swipe input
  • Durability

Primarily, if you use your device for social networking like Facebook or Snapchat, the camera is extremely important commonly used feature. As referred by some mobile reviewing sites, Google Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus are the best choices. If you are in a rough business like construction or other outdoor business, then some review sites recommend CAT S60 and CAT S40, etc.

4) What is the usage?

Usage and features are two sides of the same coin. The use of a smartphone is not restricted to just making calls or sending SMS. There are thousands of applications which one may need to run, and they can be operated with the help of an active internet connection only. If one wants to use emails, chatting applications, shopping apps, booking services apps and e-wallets, the phone must be compatible enough to run the app and provide effective services. If you want to have loads of all such apps on your phone, you must go for a high-end phone with higher OS and RAM as well as a memory that is for sure.

An inevitable point is knowing which features you extremely need and which features you wish to have. If you purchase a smartphone with everything you wish and nothing you need, then you will become unhappy. Hence, it is of paramount importance to know the usage first and decide the device accordingly. A wrong choice can be a costly affair.

3) How much is your budget?

Indeed, this one is an issue which can be easily taken care of while buying a new smartphone. Many current sellers provide the smartphones to their customers on the affordable EMIs at actual cost. It is easier to buy smartphones in this way when one cannot pay full price at a time. There is no doubt that one has to know his limit of paying an EMI over a period also, but still in the case of a costly device purchase with EMI option can be easier that can help to avail a useful device in just a few minutes.

Well, with that mentioned, you still need to fix a budget for buying a new smartphone. The smartphones with latest features are always costly. It is no doubt that with the option of payment through EMI, one can buy those expensive smartphones, but you must buy a device which satisfies all the features you need and can use for next 2 years. Make sure to buy a device which can make you happy for a longer time in the future. At the time of buying, one must not focus on the price only as the features of the device are also equally important as per which usually the prices vary. In the case, one does not need a high-end mobile; it is meaningless to buy a device just for the status symbol purpose.

5) Do you prefer brand or features?

Usually, users are not that much concerned about a particular brand if the phone specifications meet the requirements. There are some users who always love to go for branded phones, but at such stage, the budget of a phone is also an important aspect one must consider. The brands are more concerned about customer satisfaction and their reputation, and hence one can easily overcome any technical problem of the phone with the help of service center network provided by the brands. Hence, a little initial cost can help one to overcome troubles in the long term. There are some brands which also offer extended warranty and insurance with the new phone, which can be much helpful in case of an unforeseen event.

A little survey of the currently available or upcoming mobiles in India, according to the requirement of the user, device features and prices can help one to get a perfect device that can satisfy his requirement for a longer period.

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