Smartphone: Our Beloved Family Member

Mom-dad’s smartest kid, grandparent’s all-time entertainer and every kid’s best friend; well, this is the relevance of a smartphone in every family. No matter if we are happy or sad, bored or busy; we can always count on it. This brilliant box has lately become our cherished family member. It has not only made our lives easier but has also made a special place in our hearts. 
Be it our everyday schedules, wanted information, shopping destination, cooking guide, study partner or any other thing, we can always seek help from our family’s youngest yet the smartest kid. Here are a few points highlighting the role of our genius kid:

  1. Encyclopedia of our house: This little device can answer all our queries. May it be a solution to our daily dose of anxiety, excitement about knowing the meaning of any new word, a sneak peek into an event going around the world or simply clearing the constantly poking doubt in our last lesson. It has the capability of flourishing us with ample amount of knowledge. It offers this facility by browsing or installing different applications as per the requirement. It is a notable invention, offering all types of information within itself. Its parameters are not limited to any boundaries. Apart from our doubts, it acts like a library of books and movies. Besides, expanding our knowledge it offers a unique and excellent facility for sharing the information with a wide audience through social media.
  2. Keeps us updated: The recent news about bad weather condition helped a lot of people in planning their schedule accordingly. We would first thank the respective people working in the weather department and then owe an even bigger gratitude to our smartphones for waking us with this information. It has made the world a small place, letting the people know everything going around them. 
Any recent news, our favourite celebrity’s glamorous wedding or knowing about a country’s political scenario, this family member never fails to flourish us with adequate knowledge and awareness.
  3. Plans our day: Starting from the morning alarm to checking the meetings schedule; this obedient family member promises you to make you a disciplined individual. Its organized approach not only makes our work go swiftly but also offers a better lifestyle. Giving us an insight into our destination, it further helps us to reach there too. Thanks to the navigating apps such as; Safari, Google Maps etc. It further charges it up to give us a wide choice for our breakfast or lunch menu. Oh! We forgot mentioning its core quality of entertaining during our way to the office. Music, TV Shows, gaming, reading or even writing it has everything within itself. Further, it accelerates our daily operations through calling and texting facility. From booking a cab while returning home to gearing up our mood with IPL’S live broadcast; it loves us the most.
  1. Makes us study: No matter our age, it makes us study every day. It might be through its learning apps or online quizzes for competitive exams. It pays special attention on our day to day enhancement. No matter if it’s intentional or not but waking up and surfing the walls of our favorite social media sites enables us to flourish with ample amount of knowledge. We even have various renowned books, movies, newspapers and magazines finding compatibility with these devices. TV was once names as an ‘idiot box’ but mobile phone has surely upgraded itself to be called as a ‘brilliant box’.
  2. Our cooking guide: It’s Sunday and your father wants to impress your mom with amazing food all around the table? Don’t worry his smartest kid will take up the responsibility for a combination of appetizing dishes. No matter in which country we live, it can help us to make any cuisine from all over the world. It has often made us feel nostalgic, sitting in Delhi and having the famous Spanish omelet we relished last time while our trip to Spain.
  3. Best Entertainer: As I said, it is an ‘all time available young entertainer’ in our old grandparent’s life. They no longer sit and wait their time to pass in vain. They plan to do productive things with their genius grand gadget. 
Not only them, it is a best entertainer for all of us. Nobody is bored while travelling; the upcoming trends of solo trips have been boasted because of it. It never leaves us, keeping utmost care about our well-being. To mention a few, it has within itself a list of following entertaining apps.
  • Social Media Sites – Connect, Chat, Exchange photos and videos and know about the world with famous social media sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat and much more.
  • Gaming Apps – You name it and it has it!
All you have to think of is your choice of gaming genre, be dependent for the rest on it.
  • Online Books/movie/TV shows
  • Songs

Unlike all other family members, we can choose our smartest fellow. There is a wide range of smartphones available in the market. To name a few, we have; Panasonic India Smartphones, Samsung, Samsung, OnePlus etc.

 It is very important to choose the best handset to enjoy all the above features. Apart from enjoying the features, other aspects must be considered. Buying a phone which constantly hangs or has a low power back up will end up disappointing us. Hence, as mentioned above a smart decision must be made.

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