Vidmate Online downloader is one of the most interesting and inspiring apps which involves with lots of easy and quick download of videos and music without any hassles. This is one of the top most rated software wherein every user can easily utilize and allow you to captivate video and audio strings from various streaming websites. Not only that, this Vidmate app very well provides you the most convenient authentication of obtaining movies from various other video downloading sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion and various other social media network. Moreover, this app functions very well on high-end and low-end resolution devices without any issues. As we all know this app is one of the best video downloader being optimized with various kinds of resolutions in it. Every user through the access of Vidmate app can assume the download of online videos on the PC windows or Android devices without any struggle.

Furthermore, all the files downloaded will be very well stored in your phone’s memory so that you can view it later on even when you are without the internet connection. Not only that, this app also allows you to copy the videos from various other streaming websites like Vimeo and LiveLeak and several other latest versions of Instagram, and Facebook. Moreover, the Vidmate app is one of the best ways of downloading music and videos from YouTube domain without any violations in it. The major important task of Vidmate apk is to cover up and save the video. This is extremely beneficial if you want to store the content for later playback when the internet declines or no network prevails. Above all, the app not only acts as a downloader, but also as a browser which permits every user to search videos and music online without any hurdles. Nevertheless, this Vidmate download can be very easily captured from the app store of 9Apps by clicking on the download link of APK file without any worries. But before that let us have a quick look at the below prescribed attributes and functions of this Vidmate Online Downloader.


  1. Rapid Downloads
  2. Simultaneous downloading of multiple files
  3. Speed Limit is Manual
  4. Working with playlists
  5. All videos can be shared via social media networks
  6. The app very well assists withe formats of MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP3, AAC
  7. Good Support of Audio files is also opted in this app
  8. Converter Format
  9. Convert video to MP3.
  10. Built-in Editor of meta tags
  11. Selective location for storing files


  1. Selective Resolutions: The app permits you with the choicest selections of various resolutions in it ranging fro 144P to 1080P. And this way you can optimize the size of the file to be stored in the smartphones’s internal memory or external drive.
  2. This app download from 9app because 9apps is a best APK apps store for Android mobile user.
  3. The downloads of MP3 from YouTube: To hear the song from time to time, you can select the rip of the audio only from the videos. And there is actually no need of any other programs to transform it into an audio file
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