Why you are losing your followers on Instagram

Are you worried about losing your followers on Instagram?

Well, considering that not everyone will love your content, you are likely to lose some followers and gain some more, which is normal. However, if you are consistently losing followers, you might need to review on some of the things you may need to improve on to stop that from continuing.  Here are some of the reasons why you might be losing your followers.

Why you are losing your Instagram followers

  1. You are posting too much or randomly

When it comes to posting you should remember that consistency is vital. If you are posting too much or randomly, you are more likely create you a considerable good number of followers and eventually losing even more than you had created.

Posting too much tends to annoy most Instagram followers. Some will be even annoyed to the extent of hitting the unfollow button no matter how good your content seems to be.  At least have a or two posts per day and about five per week. With this, you will remain relevant, retain your followers, and even get the time to create new fresh and creative content for the followers. 

  1. Your posts are not original and creative

Great original content is essential if you want to maintain a huge following. Some good content will be characterized by an interesting and engaging post accompanied by a high-quality image.

While maintaining such content, you are going to build a good image with every post you make. Eye-pleasing content and photos will give your followers a certain admiration, and they will always appreciate and respond to your content every time you post.

  1. You might be misusing hashtags

Misusing hashtags is a big mistake, and not using hashtags is even a bigger mistake. Failing to use the correct hashtags makes it quite difficult in getting the wanted results. Hashtags are very useful in pushing your content to new followers, but if you are not using them correctly, you might end up losing your current followers and probably, in this case, gaining none. 

  1. Failing to respond to the comments

Having a meaningful engagement works towards maintaining your followers. Engaging directly with your audience through comments and replies makes them feel involved and even encourages them to comment more on your next post. Failing to respond to the comments, on the other hand, makes the followers feel like it’s not worthy to follow you and it might be the reason why you have lost them.

  1. An impact from the latest Instagram purge

It’s not uncommon for most people to purchase Instagram followers. In the event that these followers are not real, most of them get kicked out, and you might end up losing a good number your followers.

Make sure you buy your followers from trusted websites to avoid such happenings. Boost Insta is one of such few sites that provide get Instagram followers free.

The above Insta-practices could be the ones causing you to lose your Instagram followers. Make sure you stop doing them and consider the suggestions given on each point. With this, you will generate more followers and prevent the ones you already have from running from you.

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